Sales Workshop Activities

Here is a list of sales workshop activities APP can lead your team through.

Are You All Ears?

Building rapport, listening for cross selling opportunity

This is a detailed assessment of the agent's listening skills. They rate themselves at how good of a listener they are, but then they are asked detailed questions to see if their personal assessment matches how well they actually listen. 


Building rapport, listening skills

We review a recorded phone call with the team. Each person listens to the call and notes how many insurance terms they hear that may confuse the client. This is meant to remind us all to use layman's terms so that we can make the client feel comfortable. 

Objections Showdown

Closing the sale, listening

We brainstorm all the common objections your team faces. Then we pull one out of a hat and select two people — one is the agent and one is the client. The agent has to work to overcome the objection of the client while the team takes notes on key phrases. 

Objection Reversal

Closing the sale, listening, cross selling

The team is broken into 2 groups. We take a list of common objections and give each team 1 minute to come up with 3 ways to counter attack the objection. The first team that goes can get up to 3 points for valid objection killers. The second team gets up to three points for any new objection killers. We go back and forth until time runs out and there is a winner. 

Working Through The Price Objection

Closing the sale, listening, cross selling

We present a scenario to the team where the client has a clearly defined price objection. Each agent has to write down a response to the price objection. They need to write at least one response for every member of the team. As team members share their responses, if one is on their list, it is crossed off and can't be used again. Team members are picked at random. 

Cross Selling Benefits

Cross Selling, Upselling

A cross selling opportunity is presented to the agents. Each agent must come up with 5 reasons the person should allow them to quote the cross sell. The prospect has to respond with "so what" to get them used to overcoming objections and using all their reasons to quote the cross sell. This is designed to make sure people aren't giving up too early. 

Written Communication

Communication Skills

Each agent is given a sample letter to review. They are looking to find grammar issues and typos first and next are assessing the strength of the sales language in the letters/emails. 

To The Point


Many times sales people can be too wordy, and they really need to get good at getting to the point. We provide 5 sales scripts that are overly wordy and ask the agents to trim them down to show the power of getting to the point.