Adding Agency Assessment Team Leaders From Form

Once we get the new client on-boarding form we need to enter in the team leaders

  1. Louis & Kelly are alerted there is a new client on-boarding form via email
    1. Louis will also get a ticket to add in the team leaders: Add Team Leaders for Company Name  Agency Assessment
  2. In the form go to the Team Leader Section
    1. Start by searching for the contact in Hubspot via email address
      1. Contact Found
        1. Confirm/Update name 
        2. Confirm/Update phone
        3. Confirm/Update mobile phone 
        4. Make sure lifecycle is customer
        5. Update/confirm job description
        6. Under Agency Assessment on the left hand side of the contact select Yes for Team leader
        7. Go to all Properties, search Team Leader and select Yes
  3. If the contact is not found create them and make them a team leader