Agency Assessment Course

How to use this course to get the best results from your Agency Performance Program

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Who should take this course?

We limit this course to agency ownership. As we review the steps of the assessment, some of the details may give the team the wrong message or make them uncomfortable.

What are we accomplishing?

The main purpose of the course is to provide you access to additional resources. We are here to walk you through everything, but in the event you have a question or are unclear, it’s important we provide you additional resources. We are working to serve all types of agency owners to have a successful launch. 

Also, it’s important to us that the agency ownership understands all the tools we provide so you don’t miss out. The Agency Performance Pack will play a big part in your team’s success as we get to the AppX Programs, so we want you to feel comfortable there first.  

How do I log in?

APP sets up your account and you can confirm it from there. If you have any technical difficulties, you can search the FAQ in the knowledge base, or reach out to us. 

To log in, go to and in the top right-hand corner, click: Log Into APP Pack. 

You can then look for the course named: Agency Assessment Course For Ownership

*Note: Chrome appears to be the best performing browser for the school.

How does the course work?

We break the videos into bite-sized chunks. We recommend you watch them in order, but if you need something or are particularly interested in something, go for it!

You only need to focus on the courses that are in the month of the program that you are in!

How long will it take?

The beginning is the longest―think of it like getting an airplane up in the air. The take-off is the most cumbersome. Once we get to month two, it’s smooth sailing!


Note: We know that finding time to watch videos can be a challenge. These videos are designed to be short and to the point (we know our audience). We strongly encourage you to take the time to watch them so you maximize your agency’s investment. Also―we don’t rely ONLY on video, we are always here for you. Adult humans have to hear the same thing 22 times to remember it―so we are working to make sure you maximize all of your APP resources.