Agency Assessment - Month 3 Develop - Agency Standards

It's time clarify what business we are writing and how to have consistency in remarkets and new business.

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Who should be held to the agency’s standards?


This includes owners and producers. The entire agency needs to uphold the agency’s standards. No matter what.

What is an agency standard?

Agency standards are the coverages, process, and binding requirements that everyone follows. No matter what. Violations of agency standards need to be met with disciplinary actions. As part of the process, we will also have someone check the policies for adherence to the standards. 

When do we roll this out?

We will discuss it at the Agency 2.0 meeting. It should go into effect next quarter. There will be a training period for a  quarter to help team members adapt. 

Why do we need agency standards?

All too often, agents bind less-than-ideal policies to make clients happy. Agents need to know when to walk away and say no and adhere to agency standards. With agency standards, you can:

  • Optimize your time
  • Serve ideal clients to the best of your ability
  • Identify who you serve best 
  • Gain referrals from the best business


Here are some common agency standards we review:

Personal Lines

  • Rate Increase $
  • Rate Increase %
  • Auto Liability Minimum
  • Auto Deductible
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Towing
  • Repair/Replace
  • MedPay/PIP
  • Glass
  • Home Liability
  • Water Sewer Back-Up 

Commercial Lines

  • Rate Increase $
  • Rate Increase %
  • EPLI
  • Cyber 

Re-Marketing Standards

  • Open Claims?
  • Minimum Premium
  • Monoline
  • Do you want to keep them as a customer? Define what this looks like.
  • Pets
  • Property Type
  • Home Activities (daycare, bike ramp, diving board)
  • Roof Age
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing


Sample Customer Experience Standards

  • Maximum 24-hour turnaround time on all quotes. team goal work to quote over the phone
  • Remarkets will be quoted over the phone or an appointment will be set to deliver options.
  • We will absolutely never email a quote before having a conversation with the client.
  • When you are here, you will pick up the phone for any client who calls in. We do not send clients to voicemail or use Do Not Disturb. We operate as a team to serve the customers of the agency. 
  • As a client of the agency, you will receive an annual renewal review call from us, and on that call, we will follow our renewal review process (coming soon!).
  • The client is a delight, not a burden. We work to be the best call of the client’s day.
  • First call resolution is our plan A. We want to complete everything on the call (including documentation) before hanging up the phone. When we cannot, we will set a clear time to reconnect with the client and document a suspense in Epic. 
  • If it’s not in the management system, it didn’t happen. 
  • All phone calls and emails received will be responded to on the same day, even if only to say it’s been received and set an expectation of when something will be completed.
  • Clients are defined by the agency as carrier partners, internal agency team members, and policy holders.