Agency Assessment - Month 3 Develop - Bi-Weekly Calls

Here is a review of what we cover after the assessment month and how the bi-weekly calls work.

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Who should be on the calls?

We will discuss this during the on-site assessment. Generally speaking, the agency’s executive team will be included in these meetings. 

What happens during these meetings?

Post assessment, APP will create an Agency Assessment Leadership Checklist. This is custom-made for each agency and broken down over the next several months. 

Before each meeting, we will send you an agenda of the items we will be reviewing and offer you the opportunity to add any new agency items to the agenda. 

We will review the steps needed to be completed by this meeting. We will also assign the next steps on the Agency Assessment Leadership Checklist.

After each meeting, we will send an email recapping the meeting along with a list of the next steps. 

What if someone did not execute their Agency Assessment Leadership Checklist Items?

Everyone gets delayed every now and then. APP will be watching for patterns of this behavior and address them directly. 

When there are delays, we won’t discuss the reasons. We will need to focus our energy on getting back on track and honoring the commitment to the agency, team, and clients to launch Agency 2.0

Where should the meetings take place?

The meeting should take place somewhere you can speak freely. The meeting will be hosted on Zoom and the meeting information will be on the calendar invite. 

How should we prepare for these meetings?

You can review the meeting notes from the previous meeting and view the agenda that will be sent out three days before each call. 

What happens after each meeting?

After each meeting, we will type up notes and determine our next steps. 

Note: Every call will be recorded and transcribed in case we need to refer back to them.