Agency Assessment - Month 3 Develop - Recruiting

The agency will start the process of forever recruiting. As we hit our 10 year goal the top talent will be required to stay on track.

Who should handle recruiting in our agency?

We will assign accountability for the recruiting process during this phase. There will be one team member responsible for sourcing and initial interviews. 

The entire executive team needs to work with team leaders to find and hire the best talent.

What are we looking for in talent?

We want to find someone who is teachable and has a great attitude. From there, we can train them. 

You need to consider your values and whether or not your agency is in a position to train new agents, or if you need to find trained agents. 

There are training shops and agencies that need semi-trained agents. First, we will identify what you need. 

When are we recruiting?

Officially, we will begin recruiting in Month 3 and continue through the life of the agency. In order to achieve your goals, you must be constantly looking for talent for the following reasons:

  • In order to achieve your goals, you may need more team members
  • Not everyone may want to participate in Agency 2.0 once you outline your vision (this is OK!)
  • You may be holding on to the wrong team members. and we need to find you the talent you deserve. 
  • Your team deserves the best staff. This means you have to be in a position to let go of agents when they are no longer a good fit. 

How are we recruiting?

We have an agency hiring guide that we recommend you review to have the best strategies to find top talent!

We will walk you through each step of recruiting and will also do a final interview if you request. In addition, we can have them take our Crystal Knows personality profiles. 


Agency Hiring Guide