Agency Assessment - Month 3 - Metrics

Now we will dive into the agency reports we need to clean them up and get them ready for Agency 2.0.

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Who should work with APP on our metrics? 

We will work to appoint a metrics team. We usually begin with the agency’s leadership to get the initial reports set up and reviewed. 

From there, we will ask a few team leaders to review the reports for accuracy. 

When agency metrics are inaccurate, there are three possible reasons: Report setup, download, or inaccurate data entry. Oftentimes, it’s all three. 

What are we looking for with metrics?

During the initial assessment phase, we will request a few reports. During this phase, we will polish them up so we can reveal them during Agency 2.0. 

Here is a list of the reports we will tackle. 

(Search Agency Assessment Report Review in the Knowledge Base)

When are we focused on reports?

We will focus on one report at a time. 

Once we are comfortable with that report, APP will build them into an agency Dashboard. 

Each report may take a different team of agents.


Here is a sample of the Agency Metrics Dashboard: