Agency Assessment - Month 4 Agency 2.0 - Off Site Team Meeting

Now that we are ready to launch your Agency 2.0 plan it's time to talk about what happens on that day!

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Who should be at the Agency 2.0 meeting?

Everyone at the agency. 

This is the time to help clarify your agency's vision and unite the entire team toward achieving your 10-year goal. 

It’s important (where possible) the meeting is off-site so everyone is focused on the meeting, not the phones or email. This also shows the team that you are serious and invested in the process. 

What happens during this meeting?

While every meeting should have the agency’s theme and brand included, there are some non-negotiable items that we will include in the meeting, including:

  • Icebreaker: APP can provide, or the venue or agency can.
  • Agency Vision: Lead by the executive team with visual slides (APP team can help with this).
    • Each team member will receive a copy.
  • Values: Lead by the executive team, everyone will take one value and share what it means.
    • Each team member will receive a copy of the values.
  • Structure: Lead by the executive team, with a handout explaining who reports to who.
    • We will also go over any role responsibilities at a high level here.
  • Metrics: APP-created metrics dashboard. The executive team will review the metrics and APP will be on standby for any metrics that need clarification.
  • Incentive: We will review the agency-wide incentive plan and small project-based incentives. 
  • Fun: The agency will announce its plan for fun for the year.
  • Issue Tracker: APP & the executive leadership team will walk through the top issues and their priority.
  • Change Management: APP will lead a 20-30 minute training on how to deal with change.
  • Question & Answer period.
  • Everyone shares one word describing how they are feeling. 
  • FUN activity to loosen everyone up!

When does this meeting take place?

We will select a date during your agency assessment. 

Why is this meeting critical?

This is the launch of a fresh start, a time to leave the past in the past. During this meeting, you will clarify your vision for the agency and work to get everyone on board. 

Where does this meeting take place?

Your agency will determine a location that is in brand for your agency and within the Agency 2.0 theme. 

What happens after the meeting?

After the meeting, APP and the executive leadership team will meet and begin the next steps. The following week, each team member will meet with their leader to review their job description.