Agency Assessment - Month 4- Off Site Team Meeting - Incentive

After reviewing all the changes it's time to share the most important part - What's In It For The Team

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Who should share the agency’s incentive plan at the meeting?

It should be the agency’s primary leader. If there are any specific department incentive plans, the leader of that department may share those specific team incentives. 

What should we prepare for this section?

You want to make sure that the incentive plan is clearly documented to hand out to the team. In addition, you will want visual slides for the team to follow along. 

When does this take place in the meeting?

After the Metrics section of the meeting. 

Why is sharing the incentive critical?

As the agency undergoes changes it is important that we recognize and motivate the team. We want them to see what is in it for them to get on board with Agency 2.0. 

How are the incentives displayed?

We recommend that you have both slides and a handout for the team.