Agency Assessment - Month 4- Off Site Team Meeting - Metrics

We will review the metrics portion of the Agency Off Site Team Meeting.

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Who should share the agency’s metrics at the meeting?

It should be the executive team. APP will be there to help clarify the metrics. This will be all visual with the APP metrics dashboards. 

What should we prepare for this section?

Every member of the executive team should have reviewed the metrics and be comfortable explaining them to the group. 

When does this take place in the meeting?

After the Structure section of the meeting. 

Why is sharing the metrics critical?

In many agencies, there has not been a routine review of metrics―but that is about to change. We want to share with the team the initial review of the metrics as well as details on changes to workflow to ensure the metrics are accurate. 

How are the metrics displayed?

We recommend that you pull up the APP dashboards and review them during the meeting. In addition, for accuracy, you will also need to create a document that explains each report and where the data comes from.