Agency Assessment - Month 4- Off Site Team Meeting - Structure

In this article we review the Agency 2.0 Off Site meeting and how we review the new structure.

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Who should share the agency’s structure at the meeting?

It should be the executive team. We recommend that you have a handout and slides to share with the agency on how the new structure will work and specifically who is accountable for what. 

What should we prepare for this section?

You want to have an accountability chart ready both as a slideshow presentation and as a  handout for the team. This should be the chart of who is accountable for what, titles, and a very high-level overview of responsibilities. 

When does this take place in the meeting?

After the Values section of the meeting. 

Why is sharing the structure critical?

In many agencies, it is unclear who handles what and who reports to who. In order to clarify this, we want to share what roles exist and what each person is responsible for. 

How is the structure displayed?

We recommend that there is a presentation as well as a handout for the team. APP can assist you with this.