Agency Assessment - Month 4 - Off Site Team Meeting - Values

We will review with you what to share during the values section of the off-site team meeting.

Who should share the agency’s values at the meeting?

It should be the executive team. We recommend that you each share a value for explanation. 

What should we prepare for this section?

Make sure you have the values written out and provide a copy to each team member. You will want to make sure you have PowerPoint slides as well so the team can follow along. 

You want to have some examples of displaying the values and violating the values. 

When does this take place in the meeting?

After the Vision section of the meeting. 

Why is sharing the values critical?

The values are the guiding principles of the agency. You cannot cover everything in a job description, and oftentimes agencies are held back by interpersonal issues. The values are the umbrella of how you want your team to act and proceed when working with each other and clients. 

How are the values displayed?

We recommend that there is a presentation as well as a handout for the team. APP can assist you with this.