Agency Assessment Report Review

Here is your strategy for how to digest the reports we have processed for you.

Who should see the reports?

We recommend only owners at this point. With many agencies, we have to work to clean up reports. At this stage, they may not be accurate. We look at this as a starting point and need to confirm the work that needs to be done.  

What do we review from the reports?

We have a list of processed reports we pull from your raw data. In many instances, we must combine reports and filter the data. Once we receive the data, we will alert you if we need any modifications. 

From there, we will be looking at the following from your data: 

  • Book seasonality
  • Workload per person 
  • Activity on accounts based on account size
  • Top types of activities the team is logging
  • Consistency in activity logging
  • Areas where you can reduce low-level activities
  • Agency backlog 
  • Current retention rate
  • Average premium/revenue by account
  • Average policies per account
  • Cancellation process
  • Cancellation reasons
  • New business production
  • Agency closing ratio
  • Cross-selling as it relates to new business
  • Policies below agency standards you can target
  • Agency fee consistency

If we are unable to get some of this information from your system, we will work to get the information we need over time. 

When do we need to review these?

They should be reviewed before the Agency Planning Day meeting.

Why do we review the data even if we know it may not be accurate?

We view the initial data pulls as a starting point. In the next 90 days, we will work with you to determine how to get the best data and then build a data dashboard for your agency. 

As we receive benchmark data, this will be our starting point. We want to show the team the metrics to share progress. As we share individual metrics, people become more in tune with accurate data entry and adopting the strategies we train them on. 

How do I get the data to review?

As reports are ready, we will share them with you with an update on where we are with all reports. 

After the onsite date, we will work to clear up any initial data issues and build your dashboard. 

Each week, you will send reports to APP, and the dashboard will be updated. 


Strategy To Review Reports


We will send you reports as they become ready via Google Sheets. This is our initial data review to obtain your feedback. After your onsite, we will begin the process of the deep dive into these reports. 


Take a look at the report titles so you can see which fields we pulled from. 


If a report we pulled should be run on a different field―please indicate that on the report. At the bottom of each report is a yellow box with our comments, notes, and questions. You can leave comments there for our review. 


We separate the Google Sheet into Raw Data and Reports. Raw Data (red) is the information you sent to us. Reports (Green) is our processing of the data. 


How to Leave Notes for Us on Reporting

Below is a sample screenshot of the yellow box you will see on every report. 



You can tag me in a note for review at Kelly Donahue-Piro (@kelly donahue-Piro). Please leave your comments and notes here.


Here are some things to check for:

  • Team members who are no longer with the agency
  • Accuracy of data
  • Fields we selected (your agency may prefer different fields, we can update those very easily!)
  • Any data surprises―a data surprise may be that you are surprised by certain metrics. For example: account manager A has 30% more activities than account manager B.
  • Anything you would like to see in the report (i.e., broken down by department, location, etc.)