Agency Assessment Team Survey

This is an overview of what to expect during the Agency Assessment Team Survey.

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Who should take the survey?

All active employees of the agency. Owners included. 

What does the survey cover?

We review the following core areas of an insurance agency:

  • Ownership
  • Culture
  • Management/Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service

When does it go to the team?

During the kick-off call, we will determine the date the survey will be released to the team via email. We will also determine the date by which the team has to complete it. 

The survey is sent via email. If anyone does not receive it, please let us know (after they check their junk and spam folders). 

Once everyone has completed their surveys, you will receive a copy of the responses emailed to you for review before the onsite visit. 

Why is the survey important?

The survey allows APP to benchmark you against other agencies and prepare for impactful onsite team interaction. 

It also allows the leadership team to fully understand the agency culture and what is happening in the company. 

Where is the survey taken?

The survey is entirely online via SurveyMonkey. 

Agency Assessment Team Survey Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if someone on my team didn’t get the survey?
    • Have them check their junk and spam folders first. 
    • If it is not there, have them email us and we will send them a new link. 
  • The survey kicked me out to the very beginning, do I have to start again?
    • Not at all! Just email us! 
    • The survey uses cookies. If you clear your cookies, it may send you back to the beginning.
  • How will we know everyone completed it? 
    • Our Client Concierge will be updating you on the process.
  • What if someone doesn’t complete the online assessment?
    • From time to time, we get someone who is trying to test the boundaries to see how important this program really is. It will become apparent pretty quickly as we track the number of people completing the survey. This only happens in rare cases, but your Performance Consultant will work with you if this occurs. 

Agency Assessment Kick-Off Call 2

Update From Kick-Off Call 1

Update on Telling the Team

We want to take a few moments to review how it went telling the team:

  • How was the meeting?
  • What questions came up?
  • Does anyone have any concerns we can assist with?

Update on Agency Assessment Leadership Course

Check-in on course progress:

  • Questions on what is in the course
  • Status check on how far into the course you are
  • Technical issue review

Secret Shopper Call Selection

Update on Secret Shopper Call Process:

  • Have you selected the shoppers?
  • Any questions on the process?
  • Update on where we are in the process

Agency Reports

Update on agency reports:

  • Have reports been sent in?
    • If no: What questions can we answer and what is the timeline?
    • If yes: Review initial reports and make suggestions for modifications

APP Team Survey

  • Survey status (users, sent, and progress)
  • Reminder on if someone gets kicked out
  • Review of final date