Agency Assessment Team Survey Review

Here is our recommended strategy for reviewing your team's survey responses.

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Who should see the survey responses?

We recommend only owners at this point. For many agencies, there will be feedback about managers in the survey. For this reason, we believe that managers should see filtered results after you have been able to review them. 

What do we review from the survey?

We are looking to get a general idea of what is working and what is not. The data is reviewed against other agencies to find where your highs and lows are in the business. We are also looking for any team member outliers that could be holding the agency back.  

When do we need to review the survey?

They should be reviewed by the Agency Planning Day meeting

Can you tell us who said what on the survey?

No, we cannot. The survey is designed to bring to light agency issues. It’s not important who said what. It’s only important what is said. Our goal is to work through the challenges, not necessarily who brought them up. 

How do I get the survey responses to review?

You will get an email from us when the survey responses are ready for review. 


Strategy to Review the Assessment

  • Keep the assessment confidential. This includes making sure it is not left on the copier, on your monitor, or out for general viewing.
  • Try to avoid responding to anything you read in the assessment until we come out and interview the team and work on your plan!
  • Read the assessment twice. The first time, you will see all the challenges. The second time, you will see the good stuff.
  • Take notes in the space below. When we have our planning day, we can review your questions, observations, and concerns.
  • APP reviews the assessment shortly before the onsite interview visit so it is fresh in our head. If you have any immediate questions, let us know and we can review the responses sooner.