Agency Assessment Telling The Team Post Meeting

Here are some tips on gathering your team's feedback on the assessment announcement.

80% of the time the announcement is welcomed and the team is excited. From time to time we experience some team members who may be detracting from the process. 


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After the meeting, please connect with us about the team’s feedback. The more we know, the better we can serve you! 


Make sure you connect with any team leaders or managers for their feedback on how the meeting went. We want to identify anyone who may not be excited, or who may be nervous, about the process. Have the team leader or agency owner meet with that team member to provide reassurance. 

Report back to us on how the meeting went―we will be sending you a text to make sure we sync up on the outcome as well!

Common Questions from the Team on the Assessment

Here are some common questions and concerns you may hear from your team:

The survey asks for answers that would make it obvious I am the responder. 


The survey is reviewed question-by-question, not by an individual responder, so your exact responses will remain anonymous. If you are concerned, make a note of the question, and be sure to bring it up when your Performance Consultant is onsite. 


I’m concerned my responses will be used against me. 


Our goal is to understand how the agency can improve. Improvement comes from your honest answers. If you have concerns, this is a great opportunity to bring up your concerns anonymously so we can develop solutions. 


I don’t have time for things like this. 

We know your time is limited. You can take the survey over several days if necessary. Your input is incredibly valuable to us. How can we help you find time in your day?