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Review all the great benefits you get by being an Agency Performance Partner Program client.

As an APP Program client you get access to everything like an all you can eat agency performance buffet! Let's walk you through a few features. Don't worry we know it's a lot we are going to remind you from time to time!

Knowledge Base

Your in it right now!

You can search to find questions on programs with APP or almost anything about running an insurance agency. 

Don't see what you need? Use the chat features and we will help you or just reach out. 

This is basically Kelly's brain exported!

Ridiculously Amazing Agent Swag

If you love our branding and want to recognize a team member or get a gift for a friend you can!

Program clients get 30% off with code: APPClient

Agency Appeal Kelly owns a sister company called Agency Appeal. We help agencies communicate why doing business with them is the way to go - in a fresh modern way! See some sample brand guides here
Weekly Performance Text Each week Kelly will send you a message for week and a challenge. You can respond back and chat directly with Kelly. It's a great way to stay in the loop and focused on your performance. 
Agency Performance Pack

This is our online school (that you may be  taking your agency assessment course in!)

We house our team training modules and Agency Process Packs here. 

You get access to all the programs we have including new ones. 

We will walk you through using them but it's nice to have everything here if you have a new team member or someone who needs some training or retraining. 

Any questions on these items be sure to reach out we are happy to help!