APP Process - Online School- How to Send Completed Quiz Reports to Agency

To send updates by providing the agency owner/leader a quiz report of who completed the lessons by providing them the list of the team members who took the quizzes within the lectures for course utilization and engagement.

Desired Outcome of APP Process - How to Send Quiz Report to Agency

To provide the quiz report to the agency owner a day before the next meeting/lesson. The agency owner will remind the team members to take the quiz before the training session starts.

Unacceptable Actions For APP Process - How to Send Quiz Report to Agency

  • Do not neglect to send the quiz report to the agency owner 24 hours before the next training session.

APP Process - How to Send Quiz Report to Agency

  1. Go to Lesson Tracker (Select which consultant)
  • Lesson Tracker - Kelly
  • Lesson Tracker - Heath
  1. Log-In to Typeform using Kelly’s Credential
  2. Select the Course (ex. Time Management)

  1. Select the Lesson (ex. Lesson 1)
  2. Go to Results

  1. Select Responses

  1. Search for the agency email (ex.

  1. Tick the box on the left side corner.

  1. Download the File as .csv

  1. Once downloaded open the file.

  1. Open Lesson Report - Look for the Agency (If not yet available copy a sheet and rename it base on the Agency)

  1. Change the Date (When you pull out the report in Typeform)
  2. Copy the Email, Score, Ending, Start Date, Submit Date and Network ID from .csv file that you downloaded from Typeform.
  3. Download the file as PDF
  4. Send to Agency Owner/ Team Leaders using email template Teachable Training Quiz Report Email.
  5. CC: Consultant (Kelly/Heath)
  6. Attached the PDF then Sent