AppX Graduation

We made it! Now let's celebrate with a killer graduation!

Woot Woot! Your team completed the AppX graduation. 🎓

Here are our tips for a great graduation. 


  • If you can, it's great to have everyone in groups or all together. It's much more fun to party as a team!
  • Just like your launch party, you can make it fun! A few balloons and a cake can go a long way.
  • We don't celebrate enough in agencies, so make it special - it's been a long journey.


  • We will submit your team's final numbers to you prior to graduation. 
  • If your team hits their goals, be ready with the rewards. 


  • Welcome
  • Commencement Address
  • Team Results
  • Graduation
  • Final Words

Tip: The team leaders should be ready with a few words to say to the graduates!

Graduation Gifts

We will be sending each team member a graduation gift that includes:

  • Ridiculously Amazing Agent T-Shirt
  • Graduation Certificate With Their Stats 


We will take a moment at the end for a photo op, and a special gift will follow.