AppX Retention AMS360: Using Activity/Suspense Codes and Document Types

Creating a Policy Activity in AMS360

Creating a Policy Activity in AMS360

Activities are used to tracking the stages of the Account Review process.

There are two options when creating Activities:    Policy Activity and Customer Activity. 

  • The commonly used, Policy Activity, which regards only one policy requires completion of the policy dropdown fields within the Activity form.
  • A Customer Activity is achieved by leaving blank the policy fields, signaling that the Activity applies to multiple polices, perhaps renewing on the same date.

The combination Activity/Suspense form has now opened and ready for input.  Note that the policy information has prefilled for your convenience.

Steps for completing an Activity/Suspense Entry

  1. From the Action dropdown box, select the proper Activity Code aka Action Code.
    1. There are 12 applicable codes, each begins with an asterisk (*) and are found at the top of the list.
    2. For example: *AcctRev-Attempt. 
    3. Note that for convenience, the system defaults the date and time for you.
  2. In the Description box enter your notes as required by your Agency’s guidelines.
  3. If a Suspense/Follow up is needed, click the Create Suspense checkbox to activate this portion of the form.
    1. The To: field will default to you as the current user but can be changed by using the dropdown.
    2. Choose the proper Action: as determined by your Agency’s guidelines
    3. Set the # of Days by either manually entering a number or use the Due Date picker drop down.

Priority can be set to Normal, Low or Critical. 

Including Document Attachments with an Activity/Suspense Entry

4.   Attachments can be added by multiple methods but Drag and Drop being the easiest!
a. Drag and Drop the document(s) into the Description box in the Activity window

b. The Attachments window will automatically open and will remain open until completed.

c.  The document name is automatically entered into the Description field and may be manually altered if needed.

d.  The Doc Type field must be populated by using one of the 3 applicable Document Type codes, each begins with an asterisk (*) and are found at the top of the Doc Type drop down list.

e.  Repeat the document naming and document typing until all documents are properly listed

f.  Click OK to complete and return to the Activity/Suspense window.


5.   Once complete, the Save and Close button should be selected to properly save the Activity, Suspense and Attachments.

6.   They system will close the form and return to the Customer Center screen.

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