AppX Retention Call Voicemail Script

Great voicemail scripts have a strong call to action!

You're making all these renewal calls and feeling like you're leaving a lot of messages. Well, you are! Think about it: do you pick up your cell phone for an unknown number? I think not. When half of the work is already completed (the pre-call sheet), leaving a voicemail should be more than an item checked off your list that you completed the attempt. It should be more like an entrancing invitation to learn more. 

In the training, we talk about Mom Clean Your Room Voice vs. Customer Service Voice. Trust me, one gets a call back. When your mom calls you in that tone, you better be quick to respond! There are two things that will encourage a call back:

  • Your Tone
  • Your Call To Action

Tip: Don't think of the calls as a transaction. Think of them as the most important call this person may get all year — to make their insurance accurate. Also, the more returned calls you get, the closer you'll be to your incentive plan 😎

Your Tone

All too often we slip into customer service voice. You know that voice. It's 10 octaves above where you normally talk, and it's sickeningly sweet. I want you to mix customer service voice with mom clean your room voice to get what I call professional voice. 

Customer Service Voice + Mom Clean Your Room Voice = Professional Tone 

When you can nail professional tone, it's amazing how many people change their behavior around you. You have more confidence, and you are in control.

Your Call To Action

In everything you do to save yourself time and get what you need to do a ridiculously amazing job, you must have a call to action. A great call to action makes it clear to the client what you need and when. Most people need deadlines to operate! Make sure your voicemail has a clear call to action, or the call seems like more of a courtesy than a necessity. 

Ideal Renewal Review Voicemail Script:

Hello, this is NAME, your insurance agent from AGENCY NAME. I wanted to let you know that I was reviewing your upcoming POLICY NAME with COMPANY NAME, and I wanted to connect with you on a few items this week. Please call me back at NUMBER between TIME and TIME. Again, this is NAME, and you can reach me at NUMBER. I look forward to connecting this week. 

Special Note

Some people may not remember our agency name, or if there have been acquisitions, they may not know our new agency name. Always make it a point to state the carrier, the policy and your agency name.