Agency Retention Personal Lines Call Sheet (Renewal Review Form) Edit Process

Let's get your edits together to build the backbone of the renewal review process

Agency Standards & Call Information

Please note - this form is to be used digitally. When you print the form it will not perform as designed and will cause a great deal of confusion. Please download the form and watch the video to fully  understand this smart form.

Start By Watching This Video On How The Form Works

Agency Retention - Personal Lines Call Form Review

Here is a link to a sample call sheet

Please use this form to send in edits

NOTE: Please do not print out the sample sheet and write out edits. Since its a fillable PDF the form will have all the fields in the drop downs we need - the printed one won't show you which fields are drop downs. 

If the form doesn't turn red on your computer: 


In Adobe ---> Edit (or Menu)---> Preferences ---> Forms---> Uncheck "Show border hover color for fields