AppX Retention Personal Lines Call Sheet Edit Process

Let's get your edits together to build the backbone of the renewal review process

Agency Standards & Call Information

Here is a link to a sample call sheet

Please use this form to send in edits

NOTE: Please do not print out the sample sheet and write out edits. Since its a fillable PDF the form will have all the fields in the drop downs we need - the printed one won't show you which fields are drop downs. 

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In this area of the call sheet we want to identify the agency's minimum standards. This is the baseline of coverage that the agency would recommend. Based on the standards the call sheet will direct the agent what to tackle next. 

Note: Rate changes are per policy in the event the video is confusing. 

Please complete the form above with your edits on this section so we can create a tailored one for your agency. 

Contact Information

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In this section we review what information is necessary to contact clients and clean up your data. You can also add in anything you want your clients to engage in, the agent can check to see if the client has engaged to date. 

Policy Premiums

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This the area we bring the agent's attention to the rate change and payment types that may be impacting the retention rate. Once a field turns red we want the agent to conduct more research and check off any reasons below. 

Auto Coverage

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Check out the auto coverage section. We will need your state specific information. 

Home Coverage

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One trick to the home coverage area is the scheduled items. You will see them in yellow to alert the agent to see what is listed. When they list the items in the form it will automatically guide them during the call to confirm the scheduled items.

Other Coverages

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Other coverages is an area that can be customized for your specific region. Let us know what coverages you want listed here. 

Make The Call: Call Results & Voicemail

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In this section we determine your call results as well as what you want to do if you leave a voicemail. 

Called Back or Connected

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In this section we want to try to avoid changing the scripts up too much. Remember people read scripts like scripts. We need them to embrace getting comfortable with some new call structure and that will take a few tries. 

Discount Review

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When the rates have creeped up we want to make sure we thoroughly review all discounts this is a great reminder of what discounts we want to validated. 

Re-Shop Prohibitors

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If you have ever audited what is being re-shopped in your office you may be appalled at what you find. In this section we outline what clients qualify and which clients do not qualify for a re-shop. 

Final Re-Marketing Check

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This is out last effort to warn the client and try to ward off a re-market. 

Where possible we want to leave these scripts in tact and modify them later. You can make any suggestions in the form for your agency. 

Confirmation of Next Steps


We don't want to change too much here but if you have any feedback please leave it in the form.

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Please watch this video for system specific information.