AppX Retention Use of Calendar Links

Using calendar booking software in renewal review calls

First of all, I love technology. I love automation. I love anything that makes life less wrinkly — albeit in the very beginning, getting used to it can be difficult. The use of a calendar app and links seems smart for renewal calls, but it's all about options!

Let's be honest. No one really wants to talk about insurance (shhhhhh), so no matter what, we need to make the phone call to catch people and grab their attention. Imagine if producers only sent calendar links. We would lose the opportunity to sell them on the value of speaking with us.

I want to instead lead in with the idea that we need to get people on the line and speak with them! Also, a calendar link can insinuate that the call will be bulky, lengthy and, quite frankly, boring.  Really, what we want is a casual chat to make sure we can get on the same page. 

For many account managers, they don't always run off a calendar. There are phone calls, walk-ins, etc., so the calendar app can take some time to work into their day. Now, this does not mean it shouldn't be tackled, but you don't want someone booking an appointment and then getting blown off by the agent. We recommend running small trials so everyone is comfortable with calendar booking! I live and die off my calendar app, but I've been using it for 5 years now. 

So the bottom line is, yes, calendar links are valuable, but only if the team is comfortable with them and only if the team uses them following live phone calls.