What Happens in the AppX Sales Kick Off Call?

Yeah! We are taking the first steps to getting launched!

To help prepare you for the first meeting with your Performance Coach we have outlined a few details for your agency. 

Who Should Attend:

This meeting is for the Team Leader(s) who will be setting up the program. When setting up the meeting you will be asked who should be added to the invite. 

*Note:  Before booking the meeting you should alert the team leaders about the program and share with them the AppX Sales Management Set Up Guide

What Is the Agenda:

We have a bit of ground to cover in the first meeting so we book an hour to make sure we have plenty of time to work on the details:

  • Welcome & Intros
  • Agency Performance Pack Set Up & Manager Course
  • Knowledge Base 
  • Building Your Agency's Timeline
    • Launch Party With the Team (Telling the Team)
    • Training day 1 
  • Gathering Baseline Data/File Invite
  • Roles & Responsibilities for the Getting Organized List (See Management Set Up Guide)
    • Technology Set Up
    • Incentive Plan
    • Goals
    • Quote Sheet Supplement
    • Tracking
    • Management System Set Up
  • Book Next Call 

After the call we will send a recap email with details to keep everyone on the same page. 

Every Monday you will get a report of next meetings and where we stand in the process 

When Should We Book the Call?

You want to take a few moments to skim the Manager's Guide and tell the team. In the calendar you have up to 2 weeks to book the call. Review the calendar and then make sure you are ready for the call! 

Why Are We Doing This Call?

Getting organized on this program is one of the biggest keys to success!

Where Are We Doing the Call? 

We love video calls at APP and use Zoom Meetings. After you book in the calendar link there will be a Zoom Meeting. We generally are on video for the call and we love it when clients are too!