AppX Time Management Leadership Decisions

Here are a list of items for leadership to review before starting our time management program

  • Book seasonality: we want to review by department when the productive and slow seasons are so each department can plan accordingly. This can be done by a simple book of business report.   
  • Time Off: We want to have a plan for getting ready to take time off, what happens when someone is off and what re-entry looks like. This should include:
    • Voicemail
    • Email
    • Tasks
    • Renewal Reviews
    • Quote Follow up
  • Time Blocking: we do believe that each team member should have some time blocks to come off phones, email etc. to work on tasks that require attention. We generally recommend 2 90 minute blocks per week. 
  • Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones can be an issue in agencies. We have a recommended policy we can provide if it's an issue in your agency. 
  • Notepads: we will want to stage people off notepads and lean on checklists, forms or electronic notepads for real time management system entry. 
  • Scoring Clients: This is something we will want to talk through. For many agencies we over service some clients and underservice others. We want to review what each client tier's expectations are. 
  • Quoting Over the Phone: We do recommend this for small commercial, standard personal lines accounts for both new business and remarkets. 
  • Technology Use: We like agencies to have 2-3 monitors, some form of hands free phones set up. 
  • Team Work: We want to teach the team to raise their hand if they need help. This means that other team members can dive in and assist either by taking some of the work they have or shielding them from new work. 
  • First Call Resolution: This is working toward getting everything done where possible with the client over the phone including documentation in your management system. 
  • Service Standards: This is where we would review target response times. Generally we cover email, phone call, quote, remarket, certificates.  
  • Follow Up: We do like to give the team a follow up plan of how many times and how to follow up with a client, when to alert the producer and when to close the activity. Like this too and am curious for your thoughts on best practices in this area.