Client Retention Rate in HawkSoft

Reviewing “Retention Rate” Hawksoft Set-Up Guide

Article Courtesy Of Diva of Insurance

The purpose of the “Retention” report in HawkSoft is to give the agency a general idea of the number of customer that have stayed with the agency over a 12 month period. This report is tracked by “Client” and not individual policies. For example if a client has 10 policies and they cancel all but 1 of those policies the agency would still have a 100% retention (as they did not lose the customer just 90% of the policies). The only way to track “Policy” retention would be to run a report monthly of the number of policies that renewed, cancelled and any new business written. On month 13 you would be able to compare your “Yearly Retention” by policy count.  The directions below are to review the “Client” Retention


Select “Reports” then “Agency Intelligence”


“Agency Intelligence” will open in a new window


“Customer Retention” is the displayed


By clicking on “Customer Retention” you can then “Group By”  CSR, Producer or Office


The “Group By” shows the client retention rate of CSR’s, Producer’s or Offices 

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