Express Renewal Reviews

From time to time there is a challenge in the agency where we temporarily need to triage renewal reviews. Here are some tips.

Life can happen to everyone! It may be maternity leave, someone on a leave of absence or maybe you are temporarily short-staffed. Once you have committed to the renewal reviews, you don't want to go backward. We may need to modify the program temporarily so we don't have to restart the engine again!

Streamlining the Calls to Be Made

Here are some options to trim down the total number of calls temporarily:

  • If the client has a future renewal date with a below agency standard rate increase, bump the call to the next date.
  • Skip less than ideal clients — if they aren't a great fit for the agency, skip them. 
  • If you spoke to them last year, skip it this year.
  • If you have to, if the client has less than an agency standard rate increase, skip the call. 

You are trying to get to the people who need the call rather than the people it would be nice to call.

Automate When You Can't Call

  1. If you have a team member who can make courtesy calls, that's a great start. They can confirm emails, contact info, and if the call needs more attention, they can book a time with an agent. Here is a little guidance on a courtesy call:
    1. Hello, this is NAME from AGENCY NAME. I wanted to reach out to thank you for your continued business. We really appreciate it. Since your renewal is coming up, I just wanted to confirm a few pieces of information:
      1. Is this your best email?
      2. Is this your cell phone number?
      3. We show these vehicles. Is that still accurate?
      4. We show these drivers. Is that still correct?
      5. Did you happen to have any questions on your insurance or renewal we can help you with?
  2. You can also try to send emails to people you can't call:
    1. Subject: Your Insurance Renewal Is Coming Up
    2. We wanted to sincerely say thank you for the ability to protect you and your family (business). Shopping local is important today and we appreciate you. I noticed your insurance renewal is coming up and wanted to let you know we are available for any questions you have. Just let us know how we can serve you!