Getting A Client Off of State Minimum Auto Coverage

We know state minimum is not the coverage we recommend so let's review how to get people committed to changing it.

Uggggh you get a state minimum client. 

You see their coverage and you cringe. You know you need to get them out of there but you aren't getting much love on convincing them that their coverage pretty much covers nothing!

Step 1: Set the stage

You always want to start with the following statement: 

"While I have you on the phone, if I find any coverage weaknesses or missing discounts may I bring them to your attention?

This is critical because:

  • You get their buy in
  • They are expecting it!

Step 2: Present Your Case

You can next present them the following case

"I do see a coverage weakness that I don't think you would be happy about in a claim. You currently have the state minimum coverage for insurance. If you had an accident you are most likely going to have to come out of pocket to pay damages. Would you be happy with that if you had a claim?


Wait for the client to freak out. 

Step 3: Be the answer

Now you have an "in" to cover them!

"It's no big deal, I can fix this for you.  We can take you up to the next tier for ONLY $x per month. I'm going to go ahead and make that change for you."

Don't ask, do!

This coverage is very important, we don't want to ask or suggest. We want to do. 

Step 4: If they decline...

Ask the question again:

"I want to make sure to confirm this, if you were to get into an accident with over X in damage you are comfortable having your wages garnished or come out of pocket? I really want to adjust this for you for $x per month."

Generally once they see the small amount of expense for the coverage they are receiving it becomes a much easier yes!