Handling a Sales Rollercoaster!

If your sales are on again and off again this is the article for you!

We have all seen it and ridden it! The sales rollercoaster. When things are popping and happening sales life is easy. In fact it's so good we forget about the blocking and tackling of prospecting which leaves the high super high and the lows depressing. 

So how do we even out our sales pipeline to make sure that we are slow and steadily increasing month after month rather than going to extremes?

💰⌛Golden Hour Saves the Day

You may be asking what is this magical golden hour? Well it's the hour you set aside each day to work proactively on prospecting. This is where you think about how busy you are and how you can't possibly commit 1 hour to making sure that you don't have a panic attack next month. 

What if I told you my crystal ball shows that next month will be your worst month ever?  What would you do differently? 

I bet you would force yourself to make time to prospect now, right? 

Golden Hour is a meeting with yourself to work on calling people to fill your pipeline proactively (rather than aggressively waiting for the phone to ring). 

Here is who you can call:

  • Unsold quotes
  • Lenders
  • Centers of Influence
  • Lost Customers
  • Current Monoline Customers
  • Recently sold customers to ask for referrals

✂️ When you're "busy", don't cut corners

I hate the word busy.  No, seriously.  It's the worst. 

I'm too busy to ask for referrals - that's ridiculous!

When we are busy we don't practice the sales 101 strategies

  • Asking for referrals
  • 4 and score quoting 4 policies on each new account
  • FOLLOWING UP 6 times the way we should

We cause the rollercoaster because we aren't honoring a process. 

🔢Know Your Numbers

Strangely enough, math makes sense. When you know your closing ratio, sales timeframe and the number of quotes you need to have in your pipeline, you can start to predict when things will get hairy and work proactively before you are looking to sell everything you own on Ebay!