Handling the Older Population & Renewal Reviews

Each generation has its own quirks. In this article we review how to handle senior citizen renewal reviews.


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We all love grandma right? Warm cookies, funny stories about your parents and a wealth of knowledge. But then there is also their terrible use of technology, hearing problems and the never ending critique of today's youth. 

When dealing with seniors on renewal reviews you have to run a fine line of being efficient and effective. Remember, this most likely isn't your only call for the day. We need to be in control of the entire call, as in many situations they have less options than a 30 year old client. 

  1. Always introduce yourself, the agency and that you are their agent with X Carrier on X Policy. This will help them feel like this isn't  a spam or trick call. 
  2. To keep the call moving state the reason for the call and indicate up front you only need them for a few minutes. This helps frame the call. 
  3. Conduct your review.  If they go off on a tangent simply state: "Ok, let's dive into this." or "Ok," and ask the next question. Try to not engage with their stories.  Be polite but remember your role is their insurance agent - not their grandchild who doesn't call them enough. 
  4. If they bring up rate, review discounts and confirm that they are with a great company. 

If you get stuck and need to wrap up a call, simply state that you have enjoyed this call and you need to process the changes. Alert the client you will call them if there are any changes. And gooooo!