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AppX Retention Data

  • From the "New Menu" select "Update AppX Retention Data".
  • The code will go through all lines on the Master Data sheet and where any of the sheet names match any part of the text in column I, that record will be copied to the matching sheet name. The initials in column G will be replaced with the corresponding name from the Initials sheet.
  • If the initials aren't found on the Initials sheet, the user will be shown an input box to enter the first and last name for the initials. These initials and name are then added to the bottom of the Initials sheet for future reference.
  • A "1" is placed in column K of the Master Data sheet and matching sheet name to indicate this record has already been copied to the appropriate sheet.

*Note the first time I did it I had to log into Google and then nothing happened when I ran the process again it clicked through. You have to watch it the pop up boxes on what need to happen only are up for 6 minutes.


(Just this one time can you check each tab for initials in Column G and change them to the persons name by find and replace - you can see the initials tab) This is one time because I was testing it and didnt have the full names but needed to keep testing)


Lastly can you put together a knowledge article for Hawksoft AppX Retention Data with this information and adding on what to do if you get the pop up box for a new code which is this:

When it doesn't find a matching sheet name in column I, the user will now be shown a message to enter a number corresponding to the desired sheet (that saves the user from having to type the sheet name every time. For example in the attached screen shot, enter 3 if you want the record copied to the "Account Review Call Back" sheet). If you don't want the record copied to any sheet, enter 99. To stop the code, click the X in the upper right-hand corner of the message box.


Note there are 2 potential pop up boxes if a code is not present on the tab and 2 if there are new initials that are not on the initials tab.


Let me know what you think -once this is done we need to keep updating this sheet and Ill build what we need in databox. Also we need a check to make sure under K in Master Data there is always a 1 (the script will do this)