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Sales Coach 

Your Performance Coach:

“Mayor” Heath Shearon

Sales Coach 

Phone: 501-908-2395

Email: Heath@Agencyperformancepartners.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heath-shearon-66b37424/ 

Website: Agencyperformancepartners.com 

Heath Shearon is a second-generation insurance professional, creator of the Insurance Town podcast, and Agency Performance Partners’ newest performance coach. He built a successful agency before transitioning to the carrier side. Working with hundreds of insurance agencies throughout his career as a marketing representative and consultant, Heath Shearon has a natural ability to network and build relationships. He has parlayed that into a career in consulting with agencies all over the country in the areas of sales strategies, niche marketing, relationship-building, cross-selling, customer retention,  mergers and acquisitions, developing culture, and brand-building—amongst other things. Heath is a strong believer of the accountability factor in coaching and enjoys working with agencies both large and small. 

Over the past two years, Heath has spent time working on his own brand, Insurance Town, and working with agencies to help them develop their own branding and culture for their businesses. Through accountability and consulting, he has helped agencies grow and achieve their goals, oftentimes exceeding them. By joining the team at Agency Performance Partners, Heath is able to serve his customers more effectively by working alongside a team of professionals highly regarded and deeply entrenched in the industry that he loves so much.

The centerpiece of the organization’s transformational work is its Agency Performance AssessmentTM, a comprehensive survey tool created by APP to zero in on organization-wide improvement opportunities and provide the foundation for a customized agency action plan. The proprietary tool addresses everything from agency mission, goals, values, and culture to agency management and infrastructure, employee abilities, service processes and procedures, and marketing, sales, and retention strategy.


Heath is an engaging speaker who is available to conduct in-person and online agency success presentations that complement APP’s one-on-one on-site and virtual consulting practice. Connect with him on social platforms, via email at Heath@agencyperformancepartners, or by phone at 501-908-2395.


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