How Many Follow Ups Should We Be Making On Insurance Quotes?

You may not like the answer, but it's 6!


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We like it when things are simple here at APP and it's been studied that 6 follow up calls both to connect with a new lead and to follow up once you have released your quote. Some of you are thinking what a stalker you have become. But it's really a simple process once it's outlined. 

Now, some agencies will say ok we can combine that with phone and email. Nope!  It's 6 follow up calls. You can add in more automated technology, but 6 is the magic number. 

What is the right sequence?


This is a study from Velocify on call follow ups in insurance. You can see here the sequence is front loaded. In using their recommendation, we have found this sequence works great with new leads and following up on quotes. 

Day 1: 3 Calls

Now don't have a panic attack. You may be overwhelmed at the idea but we will help you!

New Quote: If a new quote has come into your website, left a message and/or you purchased a lead you need to act fast. They will not wait. They are looking for insurance now and we need to make contact. Remember this is only to get them on the phone. If they did a Google search, a quick hit of the back button brings them to all your competition. 

Follow Up After Presenting Quote: If you are following our APP sales process you shouldn't leave a sales call without a set time and date to reconnect, committed on by the prospect. If they blow off your meeting, you have the right to follow up!

How it Sounds for a New Quote:

  • Call 1: Hello this NAME from AGENCY Name. I see you're interested in X insurance. We can help you with that! Please call me back at NUMBER and we can get started. If I don't hear from you I'll call you again around lunch. 
  • Call 2: Hi it's NAME from AGENCY Name. Just wanted to try you again so we can get started on your quote for X Insurance. I'm here until TIME, please call me at NUMBER. If I don't hear from you I'll try you one more time before I leave today.
  • Call 3: Hi it's NAME from AGENCY Name.  Just wanted to give you one more try today. I'll be here tomorrow as well so let's catch up.  You can reach me at NUMBER. 

How it Sounds Following Up On New Business Already Quoted:

  • Call 1: Hi it's NAME with AGENCY NAME. Just calling for our set appointment to finalize your next steps. Call me back at NUMBER so we can finalize your quote. If I don't hear from you I'm going to try you again around lunch time. 
  • Call 2: Hello, its NAME with AGENCY Name. Just wanted to follow up since we missed each other at the set time we had to catch up on your quote. I'm here until X time, give me a call today so we can finalize your insurance. 
  • Call 3: Hi, it's NAME with AGENCY Name. Just wanted to try you one more time today. I'm sure something must have happened. I'll be here tomorrow, you can try me then. My number is NUMBER. 

When you tell the person you are going to call again, it's way easier to call 3X in 1 Day!

Calls 4 & 5 

These are just standard follow up calls you can make to let them know you are still available. 

Call: Hi it's NAME with AGENCY Name. It's been a bit since we connected and I wanted to see if you still needed X Insurance. I'm here and happy to assist! Please call me at NUMBER. 

Call 6: Break Up

This is when you take back control of the process and alert them it's over. Breaking up is a great way to clear up your pipeline and also force someone into action. 

  • Call: This is NAME from AGENCY NAME. I wanted to reach out to you one more time before I have to close your file. I have left several emails and voicemails for you. Typically when I don’t hear back it’s either because you are no longer interested or you haven’t had a moment to return my calls. If you can let me know either way that would be great. I want to seal up your file and give you a call next year. 

See, it's not so bad and it has the highest success rate! So knock it off with the 2 follow up calls and take it to the next level.