How Many Times Should I Follow Up With An Insured on Service Matters?

Have you found yourself with tons of tasks to get information from clients? Here is our strategy on how to be efficient and effective!

Ever find yourself in this dance? You call, email, call, email all with no responses and all you need is an appraisal or EFT form?

For many service team members we aren't super clear on how many is enough or too many?

Note: VIP clients or producer owned clients may be different. Please make sure you consult with your team leader to identify the best plan for your best clients. 

WWUD? What would underwriters do?

The best model I have found for follow up is to model what underwriters do. Think about it, you get 1st Request, 2nd Request, Final Request. 

Now you may not want to take their same tone but the process itself works. 

We generally recommend that team members make 3 requests. 

  • 1st Request: This is the first follow up. You should have a clearly identified call to action and deadline when you need the item by
  • 2nd Request: Remind them that this is your second follow up!  Alert them that they are past the deadline and that you need the item ASAP
  • Final Request: This is your time to say you have contacted them a few times and are here but you won't be following up. 

How Do I Do This Without Sounding Rude?

Your next step is to master communication on getting what you want without sounding horrible to customers. Here are some sample emails that can easily also be used as scripts.

1st Follow Up Email

Dear NAME;

I wanted to follow up with you from our call on DATE. I'm still need your XYZ so we can finalize XYZ for you. Please send it along by Friday so we can get this taken care of for you. If I don't hear from you I'm going to try you again on Thursday. 

2nd Follow Up Email

Dear NAME;

I wanted to follow up with you on XYZ. We really need XYZ by Friday so we can take care of this for you. Please contact me or send it along by end of day tomorrow. 

3rd Email- Breakup


I haven't received the XYZ so we can handle the XYZ. When you have a moment you can send it along so we can assist you. This will be my final follow up on the matter but I am happy to assist you when you are ready.