How Should I Ask for a Cross Sell When the Client Is Calling in with a Problem?

One of your main jobs is to help cure clients' problems, so how can we insert sales into a problem solving role?

We all know that clients only call in with a concern or questions. Since it's a 50/50 split, how can you convert a client with a problem into an opportunity? 

What is the mission of your role? 🙈

In order to understand how to approach a client with a problem, we first have to connect with the true calling of our position:

Mission of Your Role as an Agent: To help people understand and make decisions that protect their lifestyle. 

When you get to the heart of your role, it's not just to be a problem solver. Knowing that your best clients only call in every 2-3 years, and when they do it's a question or concern, we know that a good percentage of the time we need to help them understand their insurance options so we can protect their lifestyle. 

Starting Off the Call 📲

When a client calls in with a problem, they are on a mission to have it corrected — like ASAP. This often puts us directly into problem solver mode. Just like you need to have an intention for your day, every day we also need to have a proper way to start a phone call. 

Here is our recommendation:

  1. Answer the phone
  2. Allow the client to state their request
    1. If they are upset, allow them to get it all out. Take notes as they can often be illogical. 
      1. Restate their concern to make sure you got it down accurately
      2. Start by confirming their contact information so you regain control of the call 
      3. Assist them with their need and then say, "While I have you on the phone, let me do a quick review to see if you have any coverage weaknesses or missing discounts."
    2. If they are just making a general inquiry, ask them at the start of the call, "While I have you on the phone, if I find any missing discounts or coverage weaknesses may I bring them to your attention?"
      1. Handle their request
      2. Complete the review 

When You Get Pushback 📌

We often don't make a recommendation for fear of pushback. This pushback may only happen 1/10 times, but we remember the sting of the 10% rather than the success of the 90%.

Here is all you have to say:

"As your agent it's my responsibility to make sure you have all the options to protect you and your family/business. I know you may not want to pay more for insurance, but in the event of a claim I want you to know and understand your options. There are real risks out there and we have solutions for them. The last thing I want to happen is that you aren't aware of a way to best protect your family/business."

Pushback is ok! In fact, it's a sign they are listening.

Pushback is an opportunity to help clarify coverage for your client!