How to ask for an online review?

Your agency would like you to get more online reviews, but are you unsure how and when to make the ask?

Why Are Online Reviews Important? 🌐

If you're an agency team member, you may be asking: why are online reviews part of my job? As roles in insurance continue to develop to match the needs of consumers, online reviews are an important part of an agency's success. 

Power of Good Reviews 👍

The mission of most search engines is to pair a searcher with a positive experience. When your clients leave good reviews for you, think of them as votes for the best insurance agency in town. The more votes you get, the more favor Google, Yelp, etc. give you. This is powerful because it gives the Main Street Businesses a shot at overpowering the big guys!

There is power in the recommendation of a stranger. When your peers give you a thumbs up,  people are more likely to click on your agency and get a quote! 

Power of a Bad Review 👎

When you see a bad review, are you curious to click on it and look at it? I am! One bad review leaves a bad mark on the agency and questions in the minds of prospects and customers. A bad review causes us concern, and it stays out there forever. However, if you see 100 good reviews and 1 bad one, what do you think about the bad one? I think that person is just crazy and keep moving forward. 

Who & When Should I Ask?📣

The who is just as important as the why. You only want to ask people who are happy with your services! When you hear a thank you or get a warm response, these are the people we want to make sure we ask!

Some people struggle with the question of when to ask. We say it should be any time someone shows you warmth and gratitude. However, we may not always take a moment to recognize and accept that gift. We may just zoom on to the next task. Asking for online reviews actually forces us to slow down and accept the compliment. 

For some agents, we just generally forget to ask. Here is our pro tip:

Tip: Make asking for reviews an intention. Set out each day to ask for 1 review, and you will see about a 20% success rate!

How Should I Ask? 😎

For some people, this will come naturally. For others, you may need a little guidance and structure. Here is an option for asking for a review:

Review Script: Since you are happy with our services, may I ask you for a small favor? As a small business in your community, online reviews are very important for us. May I ask you to leave a review of your experience with our agency?