How To Do A Service Autopsy

There are wins and lessons every day we walk agencies through how to do a service autopsy and teach the entire team how to make key decisions.

We recommend agencies do a monthly service autopsy meeting. Similar to the way when a doctor looses a patient they use it as a training opportunity your agency can learn a lot from both the wins and lessons.  We recommend you don't always do the losses but combine up on a rotation the wins and lessons. 

Common Autopsy Targets 🏹

  • Lost Customer
  • Re-Market
  • Cross Sale
  • New Sale
  • Referral
  • Saving An Account

How It Works 👨‍💼

You want to actually cross off the clients name and the team members name so there is no bias. If this is too big of a challenge the program will still work!

  • Pull Any Recorded Calls if you don't record calls instead outline the scenario in writing or video
  • Take screen shots or an export of activities on the account
  • Send the documentation to the team to digest before the meeting
  • Hold a team meeting 
  • Have everyone document:
High Points      
Low Points      
Areas for Improvement      
Check Documentation      


From there you can have an indepth conversation to help train your team about what to do in the event they face a similar situation.