How to Get the Auto on a New Home Sale

Pivoting into auto can be a challenge. Let's break down how we do it.

Many of our clients focus on networking with referral partners (particularly real estate agents and/or mortgage brokerages). Typically these leads will be focused on insuring the new home purchase. However, most clients will also have other insurance needs that we have an opportunity to insure. 

When the Referral Comes In

Every agency has a different process for when a new referral comes in. We recommend that you always track the closing ratio of each lead source, as not all lead sources are created equal! While not always possible, we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to speak to the client through the process, since to do it right you need details on scheduled items and coverages. If you can't, a process should be established to connect with the client post-sale. 

Set the Stage

When you speak to the new opportunity, you need to be very upfront and clear that they will need to update their license and that this means they need to update their insurance. But have no fear — you can take care of this for them AND the benefits to them are:

  • Cost savings when combining your home and auto
  • Time savings by having 1 agent
  • You can handle it all for them right now.

You want to go into the quote with the assumption you are writing both. This means the following:

  • You naturally and consistently start gathering (not asking for) the auto information.
  • Sounding surprised if someone stops you 
  • Letting the client know that this is odd as most of your clients combine both 
  • No matter what, show them 2 quotes: one combining and one standalone. Even if they reject the quote, you need to show them something. 

Remember: No matter what, the client has to connect with an agent about their auto insurance to change their address. They might as well do it with you!

The Price Game

It's incredibly important that every agent reading this article identifies that they are valuable. In fact, they are not only valuable, but worth paying more for. Imagine if Mercedes-Benz didn't believe they were worth a premium price!

When you have price anxiety, you respond differently to the client. You play into their price sensitivity. We recommend that you write down a list of every reason you are worth paying more for. Remember, we all pay more for something we see value in!

Here is the price paradox:

  • The new home purchase is not price sensitive; what they were paying is not what they will be paying. It's a different home and potentially a different zip code.
  • It's the same with auto insurance. When they move, and the car is garaged or not garaged, or it's a different town, the auto rate will also change. 

So just go for it! On the auto, resist the urge to try to only beat the price. The price will be different, and you are worth it. Remember, it's an entire package, not just auto vs. auto — and that auto may go up if you take the home insurance. 

But they are soooooo busy moving

If you know me, you know I hate the word "busy" — like loathe it. 

So when we assume the client is too busy moving, that they can't deal with their auto, we need to be prepared to refute this! When someone gives this objection, it generally makes logical sense to us, and we say, "no problem" because we identify with it. 

However, when will that change? Not up to the closing and not once they move in and are knee-deep in paint samples. Nope!

What do you need to quote?

  • VIN
  • License #
  • You don't need coverage. You need to give them what you actually believe they need. 

You need 2 pieces of information, BOTH of which can be obtained with a quick photo text to the agency. Then you are in business. 

But you need to confirm what time is the most convenient to get the information. It is right now. 


If you didn't get the opportunity to sell or speak to the person before the sale, you need to act post-sale. Give the people a week, but after 1 week generally things are mostly settled. Call them and remind them to change their license and their auto insurance :) This is your time to just get those 2 pieces of information and go for it.