How To Introduce A New Commercial Producer

You have a new producer now what?

Your excited and the producer is excited! Now that we have a new producer we need to get some buzz that they are on your team! Here are some initial ideas to get them started:

  1. Make sure they are added to the team page of your website
  2. Get an updated headshot in brand with your agency 
  3. Work with a professional writer to update their Linkedin Profile
  4. Post on Social Media about the new producer
  5. Get them an in brand email signature for use
  6. Shoot a video for them to post on LinkedIn with their announcement
  7. If they come from another industry (that they are hopping to insure) create a press release and get it out on PR Web so it's picked up in industry publications
  8. Get the word out to the network:
    1. Templated yet personal LinkedIn Messages
    2. Shoot individual and personal videos to email out to the network 
    3. Identify podcasts and blogs you can alert for interviews
  9. Create a white paper or pillar page on your site with one problem your new sales person is passionate about solving so they can distribute it
  10. If local host a happy hour to invite people to engage with the new person 
  11. Make an announcement on your personal Facebook your closest professional/business contacts can spread the word
  12. If you have an email list send out a blast email with their new contact information
  13. Get them company swag so they can be branded wherever they go!