How to Review a call on Avoma

Reviewing a call on Avoma for clarification or to capture facts that may have been forgotten

For There are a lot of great feature when it comes to Avoma. Avoma analyzes conversation insights, and intelligence to help reps shorten sales cycles and delight more customers. At APP you will automatically have Avoma  record all your meetings. Avoma will show up in your Zoom Meetings , Google Meet Meetings etc as APP Note Taker.  Durring the call, Avoma will be recording  the call as well. When the call is over you will gan an email frm avoma with the link to the Meeting.  In this email you will get full transcripts and summarized notes, and actionable insights synced directly to your account and can be integrated into Hubspot



You can also Review calls and meetings faster by searching directly within transcripts and using identified topics to find exactly what you're looking for.


Before getting on a a follow up call or review call if you feel as if you need to go back into the Avoma call to review the call simply open up Avoma and log in to your account. Search for the call. 

PRO TIP: When you are searcing it is much quicker to search by agency name than individual name. 


Also when reviewing a call on Avoma, there are several really need features you have there , such as , specific places in the call. Examples are, Intros, Scheduled Meeting, Next Steps , Agenda, Objections etc. Then you acan also search there in the transcript for key words and such as well words that you may remember or commons phrases too.  

There is also a section on and tab called notes. Avoma automatically categorizes your meeting notes under the smart categories such as Business Need, Pain Points, etc. It also ensures the notes are organized uniformly across the board, for easy access and sharing. This is a great snap shot of the call to refer back to.  You can also share these meetings with team members, or the person on the call , or a team leader  for the person on the call. 

For Example: If you needed to remember when you set the next meeting, you can go into your avoma call and search for the word meeting. 


There are so many great reasons that you may need to review your Avoma Calls . There are so many neat features within Avoma. 


Top Reasons you would need to Review your Avoma Calls 

  1. To jog your memory
  2. Learn from another team member for training purposes 
  3. To review a team call or team training that you may have missed. 
  4. To Share with another team mate 
  5. To cut and paste to leam lead in ageny.