How to Sell Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is critical for many coastal states, yet many agencies struggle with displaying the value of flood insurance.

If you live in an area prone to flooding (or really if you live anywhere!) flood insurance is something that must be consistently recommended to your clients. This saves the agency from potentially nasty E&O issues, and it also supports the overall mission of the agency which is to protect people's lifestyles. 

How to Approach Flood Insurance

To get the flood insurance party started, you need to start with a clear purpose:

Because you live in Florida we always recommend Flood Insurance. 

Then you need to lean in on what this means for them...

What this means for you is that if there was flooding in your home due to a huge storm, you would have coverage. 

Now wrap it all up with how simple, easy and economical it is!

For about $1.50 per day, if you aren't in a flood zone, you can protect your property.

Now call the client or prospect into action. 

Wouldn't you agree we should add it on?

Now be silent. Wait for their response and expect a no. No means they may be unclear on how it would benefit them. 

If/when they object, they will say:

  • I'm on a hill...
  • I haven't flooded yet...
  • I'll take my chances...

From here drop into late-night DJ voice (slow and low) and start asking questions. 

  • Do hurricanes always take the same path?
  • How would you repair your home if you did get flooded?
  • Is the concern with flood insurance the cost or the time? — This is a good one to ask!

Then start working on responding to their questions. 

Note: Always document your asks and declines in the management system! This is your way of avoiding an E&O issue!