I'm a past APP Client and I have new team members who need training?

Congratulations! You have new team members but you want them to get the same training your team had. Have no fear, we have a solution...

From time to time you may have a new team member or find a current team member needs a refresher course. (That never happens right?!) Or APP is processing your data and you are seeing a downturn that is just not fair. 





We have created an online school called the Agency Performance Pack that has the following AppX Training Programs built right in:

  • AppX Retention
  • AppX Sales
  • AppX Time Management

And with your subscription you get access to all of these training courses (no need to pick just one!)

These courses have everything from workbooks, scripts and role playing videos so your new team members will be up to speed in no time!

Just a tip: We update these online courses routinely so there may be new ninja tricks in there that weren't available when your team took the training. It's not a bad idea to go watch it with them one more time!

Interested? You can sign up today to get the training your team deserves!