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Agency Performance Partners founder Kelly Donahue-Piro has helped hundreds of insurance agencies boost revenues, profits and efficiency. 



Kelly Donahue-Piro, founder and president of Agency Performance Partners, is a no-nonsense effectiveness expert who has helped hundreds of insurance agencies identify and capitalize on sustainable improvement opportunities. Her specialties include agency culture assessment and change; management and supervisory coaching and benchmarking; customer retention strategy development; digital marketing strategy, planning and implementation; and sales planning, management and skill-building.

Over the past several years, Kelly has worked with small businesses across the country to build and implement successful programs to boost revenues, profits and efficiency.  In 2014, she created Agency Performance Partners with a mission to “partner with insurance entrepreneurs who dream to take their business to the next level and beyond, by relentlessly pursuing excellence in world-class service and sales strategies.” 

The centerpiece of the organization’s transformational work is its Agency Performance AssessmentTM, a comprehensive survey tool Kelly created to zero in on organization-wide improvement opportunities and provide the foundation for a customized agency action plan. The proprietary tool addresses everything from agency mission, goals, values and culture to agency management and infrastructure, employee abilities, service processes and procedures, and marketing, sales and retention strategy.

Kelly is an engaging speaker who is available to conduct in-person and online agency success presentations that complement her firm’s one-on-one on-site and virtual consulting practice. Connect with her on social platforms, via email at kelly@agencyperformancepartners, or by phone at 401-415-6205.



Over the last decade, Kelly Donahue-Piro has helped hundreds of small businesses manage their organizations and market their products and services better. After holding sales, marketing and client relations management roles with mortgage, credit union and legal firms, the Bentley University Relationship Marketing grad joined a game-changing digital marketing and sales training organization focused on insurance agencies. 

Throughout her tenure there, she was responsible for driving customer satisfaction and success for local insurance agents —initially as a department of one and ultimately leading a staff of professionals who engaged with hundreds of insurance agencies every day. As an early employee taking part in the firm’s entrée into the insurance arena, Kelly was responsible for creating from the ground-up her role of Raving Fan Manager—a position modeled after the concept of true customer satisfaction Ken Blanchard explores in his best-seller, Raving Fans. 

She advanced to Vice President of Raving Fan Management, where she led a team of 18 Raving Fan Managers, each of whom served more than two-dozen customers. In this role, she was responsible for management oversight of customer marketing and marketing planning, website development and deployment, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, social media engagement, email marketing campaign management, customer relationship management tool optimization, sales management improvement and employee motivation and management.

Kelly also served as an agency coach and consultant, leading webinars, taking part in public speaking engagements with insurance carriers, hosting virtual training sessions, and conducting on-site coaching, where she provided local insurance agents the resources to help them pursue excellence for their operation. This consulting work centered on customer retention, cross-selling, referral programs, sales conversion best practices, web-based opportunity generation and training for front-line sales staff. 

In 2014, Kelly created Agency Performance Partners to deliver growth and cutting-edge management strategies to insurance agencies around the country. Building on information gained through a comprehensive assessment tool she developed—the Agency Performance AssessmentTM, the firm combines onsite and virtual engagement to help growth-focused insurance entrepreneurs evaluate their current operations and develop and implement executable strategies for success.

The proprietary Agency Performance Assessment uncovers organization-wide improvement opportunities and provides the foundation for a customized agency action plan that addresses everything from agency mission, goals, values and culture to agency management and infrastructure, employee abilities, service processes and procedures, and marketing, sales and retention strategy. Key client focus areas where the firm brings extra value include renewals and retention, account-rounding, cross-selling, upselling, lead conversion, lead generation and executive coaching.

An accomplished and dynamic public speaker, Kelly is available to help organizations educate constituents on the needs of today’s—and tomorrow’s—increasingly social consumer and how current and incoming generations of employees can best respond to them. Speaking engagements cover anything from social engagement and lead generation to marketing and sales management and developing and ensuring organization-wide staff sales excellence.

Connect with Kelly at,,, or 401-415-6205.  Preferred # is #ridiculouslyamazing.