Marketing Ideas For Getting A Client on EFT/Pay In Full

Your in marketing and your agency is ready to break the payment call/walk in cycle

As a marketing professional you can help reduce payment calls here are some ideas we recommend:

  • Update your on hold music - while they are waiting to be transferred they may get the message
  • Have a flyer with carrier discounts to hand out with receipts
  • Build an email template with information on alternate payment options to send with the receipt
  • Have a payment page on your website where people can call/pay online
  • Have a video with how to download your carrier's app to make payments
  • Start as social media campaign with all the reasons electronic payments are a win
  • Create email campaigns to target people to get on alternate payment types
  • Create a contest for people who make the switch 
  • Identify the clear benefit of cost, time and convenience 
  • Arm the front line team with scripts
  • Build an incentive plan for the team to get people on alternate payment forms
  • Create posters for your lobby with payment options