New Business Qualifying Questions

Not all leads are created equal and not all leads are meant for your agency. Manage your time by making a few inquiries upfront.

Pre-Qualifying Questions

Here are some sample new business qualifying questions your agency may want to consider asking up front:

  • How did they hear about the agency?
    • Referral, search, other?
    • Each type of lead has a different level of trust in you and your services
  • Why are you shopping today?
    • Price, service, life change, boredom?
  • Other than price what’s important to you?
    • If price, how much would you be looking to save to move agents?
  • What do you like about your current agent/carrier?
  • What would you like to change?
  • When is the last time your policy was reviewed by your agent?
  • As we go through this process, would you like me to bring to your attention any coverage weakness that may expose you and your family?
  • When will you be making your final insurance decision?
  • What are you paying now and what did your insurance renewal come in at?
  • How will you be making your final insurance decision?
  • How quickly do you need your quote?

Professional Ways to Decline the Opportunity

If you determine this lead may not be a fit for your agency, here are some professional ways to decline the opportunity. 

  • Remember your time is your biggest asset - if you are quoting people that won’t buy you are hurting other areas you CAN spend your time!
  • Here are some ways to decline:
    • Based on what you have shared you may not be the best fit for our agency we wish you the best on your insurance search. 
    • When do you need the quote by? Because we shop X carriers it can take some time. 
    • Based on what you shared it may be best you call your current agent to see if they have any other options. 
    • Our agency standard to only quote X in coverage since you are looking for less than what we would recommend I don’t think we are the best fit for you. 

Make Sure You Do Your Part

  • You must make people feel comfortable and build rapport so they want to give you information.
  • Your interviewing them and they are interviewing you - you must be impressive!
  • People will start with price (just like in other industries) we must woo them to our agency!
  • Most people start with the price intention but we need to take the time to educate them and help them make the best decision. 
  • The beginning of the call is a bit like a first date we need to make people feel comfortable so they open up and move them from price. 
  • Many people have never had a great agent - without a point of reference clients may need to be educated to improve their recommendations.