Role Playing Scenarios

Here are a few role playing scenarios you can use in your agency


 A client calls looking for a copy of their declaration page:

  • There is no email address on file
  • Over the past 3 years their rates have gone up 20%
  • They have had no contact with the agency in 3 years

Find out why they are looking for the declaration page

Explain why to continue to do business with the agency

Sell them on letting you requote the policy

You receive a fax cancelling a long term client’s policy:

  • The client is changing agents for a difference of $50 in premium annually
  • Call the client to find out why they are cancelling

Explain why to continue to do business with the agency

Ask them if you can re-quote them in 6 months


Renewal Reviews:

You receive your monthly list of renewals. You find a client who is monoline home, has no email address on file, their rates have gone up 20% and we have had no contact with them in the past 3 years.

  • The client does not have an email address
  • The client just received their increase in the mail

Ask them for their email address

Thank them for their loyalty of doing business with the agency

Remind them that you work with several top carriers and are here, locally, in the event of a claim

Ask for the other line of business

Selling Increases & Umbrella When Clients Say They Are Fine

  • Insured says they are fine or will deal with it later

Rate Increase:

A client of 5 years with home and auto calls up upset about a rate increase. Their rates went up 6%.

Explain that rates have been going up over the past few months

Review the policy features to determine if there is a way to change the policy before re-shopping it

Look for additional discounts that can be added


New Business Sales

A new client calls looking for the cheapest auto coverage. During the call the client indicates they have called 2 other agents.

  • Client is engaged
  • Fiancé has 2 vehicles
  • They currently rent together and are looking for a home


  • Upsell the client from the cheapest policy to the best coverage
  • Educate the client on insuring the ring and wedding coverage
  • Discuss fiancés policies to combine and save
  • Build value in life insurance and homeowners
  • Ask if they have any friends getting married they can work with
  • Explain why to work with your agency
  • Get the clients email address

30 Day Post Sale Call 

  • Client purchased home and auto with you 
  • They weren’t sure about life insurance use this as your opportunity to rengage on the life insurance opportunity


  • Thank the client for their business
  • Ask for a referral
  • Work on cross selling life insurance

Presenting Pricing 

  • Client was referred from a referral partner
  • Says they are shopping and looking for the cheapest homeowners insurance
  • They are purchasing a new home  


  • Get the auto quote
  • Inform them about coverage vs price
  • Provide them options

I need to think about it 

  • Lead just received pricing 
  • Immediately says I have to think about it 


  • Get them to give you a no or to move forward

Follow Up Call, Lead tells you their current agent found them a better deal

  • Home and auto quote
  • Build value in your agency 


  1. Remind them that their agent did nothing

  2. Build value in renewal calls

  3. Discuss coverage and carrier features

A new client calls in looking for a quote and is agitated because they do not understand why you need their personal information.

A new client makes the decision to purchase a policy before speaking with their spouse. They call back later and say their spouse does not want to move forward.

A current client calls in about their renewal and spends half an hour on the phone talking (about the renewal and everything else under the sun) without letting you speak.

Commercial Sales Scenarios

Website Lead: Contractor

  • A contractor who has been in business for 5 years wants a quote
  • He has 3 employees but doesn’t think he wants workers’ comp just GL
  • Upset about price and lag time on certificates

Referral Restaurant

  • Pizza place that delivers
  • Came in from a current client
  • Looking to save money, had a claim on their commercial auto recently

Past Customer Returns: Accounting Firm 

  • Past customer calls in, left due to rate
  • Doesn’t think they need cyber or EPLI looking for professional liability
  • Needs it ASAP

Start Up Landscaper is Thinking of Opening A Business

  • Wants a quote for budgeting
  • Only thinking about opening 
  • Not sure what they can afford

Food Truck Social Media Lead

  • Food truck needs insurance for a festival
  • Never had insurance before
  • Thinks they only need it for a few days

    Outbound Sales Call Scenarios

    • Calling a client who had both home and auto with you and they moved the home to another agent 3 years ago.
    • Calling a client who, as of 4 years ago, lived at home with their parents. 
    • Calling a monoline auto customer with an apartment number in their address. 
    • Calling a monoline home customer that had been contacted 2 years ago about their auto was declined.
    • Calling a customer who has been with the agency for 1 year and has home only.