Run a Sales Report in HawkSoft

Hawksoft Set-Up Guide

The purpose of the “Sales Report” is to see the sales flow of rewrites as well as new business. For the APP Retention Program the focus is on Account Reviews. 


To find Quotes 

Select “Reports” then “Sales & Retention”



“Sales & Retention” will open in a new window


Click “Prospect”

Group by “Source” 

Then look for “AR ROUND” and “AR REMARKET”


This shows the number of Account Round and Remarket quotes that are still in the “Prospect” stage. 


By clicking on the number under “Prospect” a new report will open with a list of these clients.


The same directions can be used for “Refused” and “Rejected”  under “Sales Pipeline”

To find Policies that were Issued


Select “Reports” then “Agency Intelligence” 


“Agency Intelligence” will open in a new window


Under “Policy KPI” click on “Policies Added” 

Group by “Source”

The date range can be a specific time frame or week, month, etc. 

Sort by “Source” 

Then look for “AR ROUND” and “AR REMARKET”



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