Selling EPLI During Covid-19

There is no doubt that as people will be returning to work there will be concerns over who comes back and how employers can protect themselves.

Cyber Liability Insurance was the initial front runner of commercial insurance at the beginning of the pandemic but Employment Practices Liability will be here for a while. 

As employers bring people back to work, new work place challenges may exist like:

  • Who gets to work from home
  • Discrimination in regards to working with child care issues
  • Performance during the pandemic under challenging at home circumstances
  • Layoffs and who stays and goes

While we are all focused on safety we know that a terminated or laid off employee can still sue for discrimination and for your commercial clients this is where you can rack up the legal bills. 

Tip: Don't ask your clients how they are, instead ask them how their business has changed. 

No One Wants to Spend More On Their Insurance Right Now

Let's be honest.  The right term is no one EVER has wanted to spend more on insurance regardless of a pandemic. 

However, that does not alleviate the risk out there for companies. Being a business owner means you always have to make difficult decisions. 

We need to remember our role which is to protect people's lifestyles. We do that by giving people options. 

Your Tone Is More Important Than Your Words

There is no doubt you must be a master of your tone. You can't ask for EPLI in a wussy way. The client feels that it's not important. Instead you must:

  • Alert them there is a coverage weakness
  • Let them know your recommendation
  • EXPECT them to push back and be ready to push back on them
  • Remind them the real risk is there and you are recommending it to protect them
  • Use silence, don't insert "think about it" and/or "Let me know..."
  • When they know you are serious about it, the client becomes more serious about the recommendation