Spivey Insurance Book of Business Report

How to run the QQ solutions book of business report

This report runs every 1st of the month
  • Log into QQ solutions, go to reports
  • Type on the search box "Active" then select "Active Book of Business"
  • Click "Active Book of Business" then select run
  • After selecting run, a pop-up box would appear; You need to export/download it by "Spreadsheet" and adjust the date at the bottom.


  • You need to download a separate spreadsheet for the last day of the past month and the first day of the current month. Then select run
  • When we first run the data, Run Personal Lines Policy Class and Commercial Lines Policy Class so there are 2 raw data reports.

After download, you need to check the data.
  • Delete the life insurance policy for Robert Boatwright ( not his homeowners nor personal auto right)
  • Personal Lines Clean Up
    • Filter by CSR on Policy
    • Find policies that DO NOT HAVE Angie, Chris, Colby, Lisa or Valerie as the CSR (generally this will be Kimberly Mathews or Spivey Insurance Group
    • Send these in an email to Sandra and Chris Spivey
  • Commercial Lines Clean Up
    • Filter by CSR on Policy
    • Find anything that is not assigned to Colby, Chris, or Kimberly
    • Delete out the builders Risk Policies (Columb B)
    • Send the remaining information to Sandra and Chris Spivey for clean up
  • Once you get a response you can re-run the report with their feedback. 

Then after approval, you may proceed to run the report for Spivey Growth Numbers

Here's a guide on how to run the report:

HubSpot Video


You can send the final report to Chris and Sandra Spivey