What are AppX Retention Call Sheets & What Do We Need to Do?

The call sheet is the cornerstone of the AppX Retention program. It guides the calls and provides tracking.

You can find the call sheets by logging into the Agency Performance Pack


HubSpot Video
  1. Go to Agencyperformancepartners.com in the top right hand corner is a button that says log into APP Pack
  2. Log in with your credentials 
  3. Go to AppX Retention Pack Online
  4. Go to Set Up Guide For Managers
  5. Click on Download Resources - download the call sheets you need (PL, CL and Farm)
  6. Skip to the school to AppX Retention How - Class Pre- Call Checklist (watch the second video Call Sheet Video)
  7. Watch next the video under perfect renewal call (watch the second video - Using the Call Sheet for your renewal review)

Once you have watched these videos, it's time to review your call sheet and make notes. APP will work to customize a call sheet for your agency. Take some notes and we will catch up to make the modifications.